Size Guide

Find your ring size

When you measure your ring size, be aware that its your fingers ‘normal’ size. If your fingers are swollen (ex. due to heat or pregnancy), the measurement can turn out wrong. The best time to measure the finger, is at the end of the day, as our fingers are the biggest at that point. You should avoid measurering your fingers, when they are cold, as they will appear thinner than usual.

Measure your ring

You can do a measurement of a ring you have. Measure the ring on the inside diameter with a vernier caliper or a ruler. Be very careful as it’s a case of millimeters. Then you can see your size at the overview below.
Its best that the ring you measure, has approximately the same width as the one you want to buy. That’s because a wider ring puts more pressure on your finger, and often needs to be a size bigger, to fit better.

Size Diameter in mm
50 15,9
52 16,5
54 17,2
56 17,8
58 18,4
60 19,1


Measure your finger

A good way to find your size, is to find the circumference of the finger, that the ring should fit. Use a piece of ribbon and wrap it around your finger. Be careful that its neither to sight or too loose. Paint a dot or cut the ribbon, so that to have the exact right length. Now measure the piece with a ruler, and you have your size. 56 mm = size 56.